Delta Roofs

The Delta Roof is designed to carry any slate or tile finish including natural stone tiles. It therefore uses rafters and other structural elements sufficiently strong to carry the necessary weights. The steel portal forms the main structure and rests on concrete in the floor construction. A controlled factory environment delivers a quality product allowing quick and efficient installation on site thereby minimizing any possible inconvenience for the home owner.


Delta roof is a 'warm roof' system which uses the latest multi layer foil insulation over the rafters. No ridge or eaves ventilation is required, further enhancing the insulation performance. The timber rafters easily facilitate additional insulation with 80mm of PIR (rigid polyurethane foam) between rafters achieving 0.18 U value required to meet building regulations. This can be increased should even higher insulation quality be required.

External Fascias and Soffits

Detailed with PVC fascias and soffits projecting beyond the walls and windows for superb weather protection and traditional appearance.


Ceilings can be plastered or timber sheeted. They can be either flat or sloped with the detailing above windows giving the appearance of traditional heads facilitating easy fixing of blinds and curtains. Recessed lights are easily accommodated.


Timber rafters are used to provide better insulation quality and negate the need for electrical conduits. These also resist thermal movement preventing any risk of cracking in plastered ceilings.


Manufactured to virtually any size or shape the roof can link to existing roofs, be hipped back to valley gutters, rest on walls or window frames with detailing as required to meet the customer needs. The product design will overcome varying site issues such as existing building being off square or upper window sills being below the ridge line. Time spent resolving any details on site is therefore eliminated.

Snow and Wind Loads

The roof system is designed, as standard, to carry 600mm of snow (60kgs sq m) and resist storm force winds in addition to the weight of the roof, tiles and live loads. Heavier loads are allowed for if deemed necessary, depending on location. The roof system is structurally approved for use throughout the UK and Ireland.

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